Maharaja Ranjit Singh Punjab Technical University, BATHINDA

(A State University Established By Govt. of Punjab vide Punjab Act No. 5 of 2015 and Approved Under Section 2(f) & 12 (B) of UGC)

About the Department

"Committed to craft your future in the noble profession of Pharmacy"

Inaugurated on 2nd June 2017 under the visionary mentorship of Hon. Vice Chancellor and renowned scientist in the field of Pharmacy, Prof. M.P.S. Ishar, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology, MRSPTU is established to provide greater focus on the excellence in academia and research.
The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology is a place where an unwavering commitment to excellence in research, instruction and service proliferate. We are devoted to newer ways of modern day teaching practices, innovative and need-based research and service to our community and profession through our holistically developed students.
Our program focuses on various interrelated and exclusive practices in Pharmaceutics and Pharmacology to develop the required skills and aptitude in students. We offer an environment of interesting learning by self interest, essential training component in cutting edge laboratory instrumentation and technologies, individualized mentoring by professionally acclaimed mentors, devoted and experienced faculty, and the next generation pharmacy professionals i.e. students.
Department of Pharmaceutical sciences and Technology is an academically charged progressive environment, having every element desired for the academic and professional excellence. Whether you are, a prospective student, a researcher, a healthcare professional, or an interested community member, we invite you to explore Department/University and contact us to continue the conversation.